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"The quality is outstanding, it is so easy to fold and unfold and getting it in the car is a breeze."


We just received our new transformer scooter and wanted to thank you for recommending this unit. It was the perfect choice! We still can't get over how cool it is. Set up was a breeze. It arrived in just a couple of days and it is just so easy to use. Thank you very much! A very satisfied customer.

Matthew and Teresa Lutz, Chicago , IL

I wanted to thank you for all your help in selecting the right scooter. With so many choices it was hard to decide. Eric spent a lot of time on the phone with me and I am so happy that I chose the Transformer. With my back I can not bend over. I love that I can just press a button and the scooter will fold and unfold all by itself. This will help me so much. I’m so excited to go see the world! Thank you!

Allison Wyman, Syracuse, NY

Jeff, my scooter arrived today and I could not be happier. First, it was so easy to unpack and get going. Whoever designed the packaging should get a gold star. Second the looks...Man, this is one good looking scooter. Then the folding. Wow! Can't get any easier than that. But what I love the most is the stability. I was very concerned that such a portable scooter wouldn't be able to handle my size and weight. But at 6’, and almost 250 lbs I feel very safe and secure on it. Send me some cards! I will be your best salesman. Sincerely, Brandon

Brandon O’Leary, LA, CA


Here is my review on your Solax Transformer scooter. I am very pleased with the quality, design and function of this unit. The Transformer is very easy to fold. All you do is press a button. The quality is excellent. Very sturdy construction and it seems like this will last me a very long time. I live in San Francisco and the Transformer handles very well in all conditions. It is very stable, very sturdy, and it allows me to navigate the city with ease. The scooter does weigh just over 50 lbs. I can get it in and out of the car myself but am afraid at some point I may need help with that. I would highly recommend this scooter. It is also very good looking. Thank you for your attention on this order. The scooter arrived very fast and the salesman was very helpful. Good scooter, good company. I would highly recommend.

Jenny Wu, San Francisco, CA

Thank you guys for a great scooter! Everything was top notch from the advice that Jeff gave me to the scooter itself. I love that you can put in 2 batteries at once. Sooo cool!

Tallahasse, FL

I wanted to write you and tell you how much we love our new Mobie. It is so easy to fold and unfold and takes up so little room in our RV. Ralph is so popular cruising around the park. I bet we sell 10 of these for you!!! Thanks again for your help on this. It was a pleasure doing business with you. When we need a new scooter again we will definitely be purchasing from you.

Mary Lee Rae
Kissemee, FL

We just received our new Mobie. This is the perfect scooter for our needs, great recommendation! Everything arrived as described and in perfect condition and it arrived so fast! I cant wait to use this on our trip!!! Thanks again!!!

San Diego, CA

I have had the Mobie now for just over a month and I wanted to write you and tell you my thoughts as I know I was one of the first people to buy this model. We just got back from seeing our grand kids in Maine where I used the scooter everyday. I hope this helps you and your customers.

First the pros.
Very easy to use. The scooter arrived, fully assembled and was very easy to unpackage. It was obvious a lot of time and thought went into this process.
The scooter folds so easy. This is so much easier than our old Go Go. Literally takes 2 seconds to fold and unfold.
Looks great! This is one sporty scooter. I love the color. It really pops! Great stability. Never once did I feel that I might tip over. We took the scooter everywhere, no problems at all.
You can put in 2 batteries. As you recommended we did not get a second battery and never did I feel that I needed one. Still it is a nice option to have and I can see if I were to take this Europe (as we are hoping to do next year) that this may come in handy.
Takes up so little room. Fit right in our trunk and there was still plenty of room in there for us to pack all our bags.

Now the cons...not many, but some things people purchasing may want to consider.
I wish the scooter was just a little easier to get in and out of the car. I believe the total weight is somewhere around 50 pounds. This was too heavy for me to lift by myself. Definitely easier than the Go Go. I just wish there was a way for me to do it by myself.
I wish the turning radius was a little better. This is a minor one but something they may want to try and improve on next years model. While using indoors, if it just turned a little bit better it would of made inside use a lot easier. There were times I would have to do a three point turn to turn around in tight spaces.
They should make a case for it. We want to take this on a plane and would feel more confident if there was a case for it. It seems that there is a possibility that it could get damaged when in the folded position. You said they were coming out with a case. When they do, please let me know.

All in all a great scooter. We are very happy with our purchase and glad we decided to purchase through you. We appreciate all the time you spent answering our many questions.
It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Beth and Rob Fowler
Odessa, TX

Great scooter! Arrived fast, everything worked as stated on site. Amazed at how easy it is to fold. Thanks.
Tyler McKenzie
Sun City, AZ